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New color schemes on the home page.

2012-02-08 02:06:46 by M-Kudas

Hate it. Why would they make it Yellow and Orange.
It would be way better if it was Orange and Yellow.
Why would they change such a good thing.
I will never get used to this at all.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

2010-03-26 03:56:30 by M-Kudas

Even if you have not read the books. This movie looks really promising.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57saocQ SQDo&feature=player_embedded

New flash series in the works.

2009-06-12 01:06:05 by M-Kudas

New flash movie should be out by the end of June.

New flash series in the works.

Hello everyone. Today I posted a new flash movie that is themed off World of Warcraft. I have made this front post not only to inform you of this new movie but to also ask a simple question. I have made everything in the movie seem too quiet. Is there a way after the movie is 100% done to just make it louder? You can listen for yourself. Unless you already know how to fix this problem, please let me know :)



New World of Warcraft flash out today! Could use some "sound" help.

So I've been wanting to make a second WoW flash movie for a while now, over 2 years has past since I made one. My first was in 2006, World of Scribblecraft. It was decent, kinda slow but I have picked up some new skills and some help from other friends who are also interested in flash. What stinks is that there is hardly any WoW flash on NG or anywhere for that matter so in a way, that makes me what to make one even more.

I was gonna make one for WoW: Burning Crusade and call it "The Burning Doodle" However I got too cought up in the damn game itself to make it. I think I am motivated enough to finish this new release calling it World of Scribblecraft: Wrath of the Sketch King. No idea when this will be done but I hope sometime in the next month or two. Cheers.

Making a 2nd World of Warcraft flash movie.

Tales of Vesperia?

2008-08-26 01:40:44 by M-Kudas

So Tales of Vesperia is released tomorrow. Is anyone picking this up as well? I am. I heard that Japan sold out of Xbox 360s because the game was only released on that console, the only console nobody ever cared for over there. Quite a crazy marketing ploy. I just hope it is not sold out, I did not put a preorder on it :(

Tales of Vesperia?

Smash Bros. Brawl Movie FINISHED!

2008-02-04 18:20:56 by M-Kudas

It's finally done, my Brawl movie. It's and Intro to the game if I was making it. It includes characters from both Melee and Brawl as seen on the Dojo www.smashbros.com site. Watch it right now and help it get into the Smash Bros Collection.

Tell me what you think! :D


Smash Bros. Brawl Movie FINISHED!

Sigh. Nintendo is full of Sh*t.
Honestly, I wish they just would have not given us a launch date at all to start with and
giving us false hopes. If you don't believe me check out the www.smashbros.com site.

Anwyays I was almost done with my Brawl movie however I don't know if I should just wait until march to release it even tho it is almost completed. However the Japanese
Brawl has a date of January 30th, so to keep it with the times i'm prolly gonna
release it still around that time and maybe a second movie with the secret characters in March.

I just don't see why they would launch the US game almost 2 months after the Japanese release. Is there really that much they need to translate? However I hear it's something to do with the voice actors.

Anyways here is a new picture from my movie. Enjoy.

Smash Bros Brawl, delayed till March 9th!

Smash Bros. Brawl Movie update

2008-01-01 19:31:31 by M-Kudas

Almost done with my Super Smash Bros. Brawl Intro Movie. Got about 50 more seconds or so left to animate. Trying to aim for Jan 26th. However if that does not pan out then sometime before Feb 7th. It is looking good so far.
P.S. Ganondorf is a bitch to draw...

Smash Bros. Brawl Movie update

Been working hard on this Super Smash Bros. Brawl movie. Should be a good 4 minutes long and include every character from both melee and brawls "current" roster. It will act as an intro to the game "if I was able to make an intro for it ;p"
Right now I got about 2 minutes done but I have a good 2 months before Brawl hits store shelves so just letting you all know that a brawl flash is on the way to maybe hype you up more than you might be already!


Super Smash Bros. Brawl Flash out by Feb.